Situated on the A44 running through Wassenaar is the finest office in the Randstad metropolis.

Easily accessible from Amsterdam, Leiden and The Hague.
Stylish, fully equipped offices available (starting at 20 sq.m.).
Located in superb surroundings.

In the famous monument the "Huis met het Blauwe Dak" in Wassenaar, is situated a Business Center with fourteen characteristic furnished offices.

Magnificent and centrally located in superb surroundings
Complete privacy in a professional ambiance
State-of-the-art infrastructure and private parking space
Perfect meeting facilities, also very suitable for private consultations
Flexible rental periods

Begemann & Wellink Office Management is present in the Blauwe Dak

BV Blauwe Dak Business Center
Rijksstraatweg 426
2243 CH Wassenaar
Telefoon : + 31 70 512 30 00
Fax : + 31 70 512 30 22
E-mail :


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